Sunday, June 12, 2016

Help Me Find Homes For My Sports Cards

Here is the issue:
I have a huge collection of sports cards, which I am very proud of.  The trouble is I am getting ready to travel the world and will not have the place to store these cards!  

I want to make sure my cards find excellent homes.  So I want to share them with kids and collectors that love collecting.  most of my collection spans through the 1970-2000 and covers all sports.  

I am busting my cards into 25 card sections and giving them away all you have to do is pay the shipping and handling which costs $3.00.  

I have gotten rid of most of the common cards so the packs range from minor stars, major star, rookie cards and special editions.  I am estimating that each pack is worth at least $10.  I think anyone that gets these packs will be very very happy and I will also be very happy knowing my beloved cards now have new homes.  

I have been a little league coach in all sports for total of about 12+ years and my hope is that these cards will fall into the hands of the youth out there.  They have taught me some amazing lessons along the way and in this manner I want to give back to them.  

Okay that is the speech now I need you to take action click the paypal button below and pay the $3.00 shipping and handling and I will send out your pack right away.  

Click Add to Cart and fill in your information

Thank you So Much,
Coach Rob Alex

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